The Wall

The Wall
Current project: BBC School Library Mural

Friday, January 27, 2012

New work from January...working through the winter

Mixed media detail from '5ive'....a painting about childhood dreams and innocence
This is currently hanging in The Catalyst in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Full dimensions: approx. 30" x 45"

 Antique russian newspaper ephemera is visible....thanks to my mom! :)

Having a real child's handwriting made this piece enigmatic and gave it character...tried some new techniques for mixed media that I found by the talented mixed media artist, Ann Baldwin....

 'Black Sheep' peering at customers at The Catalyst
'5ive' hanging in The Catalyst...thanks crew!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

'Black Sheep'  new mixed media: fiber paste, quinacridone orange paint, spraypaint, old typewriting manual, medical ephemera...currently hanging down at  The Catalyst Studio

Detail of 'Black Sheep'
and another closeup...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Resolutions resolved at last: new art for January

Macro shot from "Can You Hear Me Now?"..a project for themed show this spring called Aspects of the Iconic.....
This sculpture/mixed media assemblage was made with a plethora of old smashed computers (revenge for all those computer crashes was sweet!) cell phones, paper mache and whatnot...

The theme involves our ideas of Icons, whether metaphorical or literal....

I expored the idea of technology as icon, and how we cling to it's apparent ability to unify us, to bring us closer....when often it seems to alienate, or fail us, in our attempt to make real connections to others....
Encaustic painting for January group show invitational "The Collective" in Gallery 360, Vancouver WA

                                                    Macro of spiky alien flowers

                                        Detail of wax figures......from "Memory Garden"
final touches/extra limbs added to 'Can You Hear Me Now?'.....
closeup of little light bulbs on cyber cross...

Text on base reads, "Sustain this souol of mine" and "Who is there?"

'When night came, I felt still more lonesome' this rerally spoke to me, as this piece is about lonliness and communication in the digital age...
Text on antique sheet music entitled,"Call upon the Lord"

Well, I can't believe I did it, but I finally pulled myself out of a period of stillness and managed to complete a few ideas that I have had on the back burner for a long time. Inspired by new creative friends and a renewed enchantment with unusual challenges and themes, I feel grateful and energized to be doing what I love to do...the painting especially gives me such a sense of timelessness and peace it is truly meditative..I do not realize that six or seven hours pass and yearn to stay with it...but life calls! All work can be found online in my Etsy store, or locally at Gallery 360 111 West 9th St Vancouver Washington ...Thank you to everyone who has made my experience with these great members possible...or at the following local establishments: The Catalyst 1901 Main St Vancouver, Wa, or at one these businesses; Starting Grounds in Battleground vancouver, Wa, or Fusion Bubble Tea on Mill Plain in Vancouver, Wa, or possibly Umpqua Bank or watch for my first solo show this coming October 2012 at the Brickhouse!