The Wall

The Wall
Current project: BBC School Library Mural

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Here is my debut into the land of ATC's, (artist's trading cards) which apparently have a history dating back to the nineties in Switzerland/Germany..learn more HERE.......
                            I used encaustic, stamps,airbrush, acrylic, gold foil, ephemera, metal tape, marker, water color...everything but the kitchen sink basically.
Mixed media set for January




Sunday, January 6, 2013

Loving these stencil demos in my new book 'Encaustics Mixed Media' by Patricia Balwin Seggebruch...stencils made by Stencil Girl Products...... can't wait to try em out for the New Year, along with my new toys, an encaustic batik writing scribe tool, and anodized aluminum print plate!(Thank you santas everywhere!) So what does the New Year bring? In the Year of the Snake I shall be attempting a long awaiting return to the scholarly world, new sculpted art dolls, and local mural projects; all pretty new endeavors. Over Christmas break I fiddled around with garbage and PaperClay and made this White Rabbit from Lewis Carrol's original illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland, for my good and talented Wonderland collector and cohort Jen T.

Looking forward to my first ever official ATC postcard swap organized by the folks at The Art Colony; will post my theme of the month cards here: steampunk, & etagami (art of messy) before I send off...also looking forward to trying demos of using torch on shellac and wood glue for cool effects to mix with encaustic paintings...will post my findings here. January already feels more bearable!