The Wall

The Wall
Current project: BBC School Library Mural

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Projects for Spring 2015

Busy and waiting for spring, I have been contemplating how to spend my time this year as projects come up. I am happy to announce a great corporate client, and hope to fit in a few murals before working on personal work. I have an encaustic painting of my daughter in mind, a portrait with her holding Ginko leaves. After reading the history behind this remarkable tree, I not only found some growing in my area in a sad little parking lot, but found out they are so tough that four of them are ALL that survived the epicenter of the horrible attack on Hiroshima. Truly inspiring and just a beautiful botanical specimen.

Discovering new sites for art isn't easy, but I have found three to be very inspiring. The first is Designer Listings which is a great hub of artists and services.

The second is Fine Art Studio online where an artist on varying budgets can find a way to organize and promote their work. My art site can be found HERE.

The third is for those wishing to break into children's book illustration and publishing, like myself. The organization is non-profit, and is named Society Of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators .

(I have been a member for less than a year but this has already proved to be a most valuable resource. There are local chapters where you can meet professional writers and illustrators in the area, as well as attend workshops and get feedback on your work.)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random fall photos.....Autumn fields and little moments

Here's a few photos I have taken on my runs through a field near my home...I love the foggy mornings where I feel hidden from the world, and it is just me the cornfields, and the sky. I also love the new apps that allow me to play with these pics making them less ordinary a bit grittier. My current photo app faves are PicsArt and Cymera....


Dandelion in the fog.....such a perfect little geometric but perfect somehow.
 Swirling with ideas, hope, gratitude and excitation for a New Year...
I run this path almost every day, and every day it looks a little different. I have begun to take pictures of it in different light to use as a paint study. The fog really diffuses the light beautifully, and I have taken advantage of the light to create a soft, dreamy effect. The flat, simple lines kind of symbolize a solitary, peaceful freedom.



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Children's Justice Center Auction...a small victory for a big problem

I was thrilled to have all three mixed media encaustic pieces accepted in to my most recent foray into the world of competitions, auctions and community fundraising: Windermere 2013 Art Gala which took place in October, 2013.

There were many lovely pieces there when I hurriedly dropped my stuff off after my family spent all afternoon at a pumpkin patch, and frankly, I thought well that's it....

I thought wrong!


...That's right! FIRST PLACE!!!!! ( I got pretty excited about this after months of working and frustration over my glacial expedition through my art career.) No more feeling sorry for myself, this truly was a blessing, and I fully to intend to use that Dick Blick Gift Card, hooray!!!

I was happily informed that I took first place for "Inner Workings of Desire," the piece featured with the female image, gears, and crackled sides. Big thanks to Gallery 360 for passing this opportunity down to me, and thanks to Windermere for organizing such a great event to raise awareness and funding for The Children's Justice Center......

The others were also Paris themed, but I really think the first was the best.....

I guess they thought so too. :)

Close up/ details of Inner Workings:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing on the Wall, Progress and Paint!

Painting on mural for Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary as of 10-2-2013...coming right along! Thank you to all of those staff, faculty, students and helpers who have been so supportive and provided the energy for this public project.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"I AM/UR" MissRepresentation film and art expose
 show at Gallery 360
Also, premiering this week, the lovely folks at The Art Colony did an interview on yours truly, which can be found here:
Thanks for tuning in! More soon.....EEC

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Here is my debut into the land of ATC's, (artist's trading cards) which apparently have a history dating back to the nineties in Switzerland/Germany..learn more HERE.......
                            I used encaustic, stamps,airbrush, acrylic, gold foil, ephemera, metal tape, marker, water color...everything but the kitchen sink basically.
Mixed media set for January




Sunday, January 6, 2013

Loving these stencil demos in my new book 'Encaustics Mixed Media' by Patricia Balwin Seggebruch...stencils made by Stencil Girl Products...... can't wait to try em out for the New Year, along with my new toys, an encaustic batik writing scribe tool, and anodized aluminum print plate!(Thank you santas everywhere!) So what does the New Year bring? In the Year of the Snake I shall be attempting a long awaiting return to the scholarly world, new sculpted art dolls, and local mural projects; all pretty new endeavors. Over Christmas break I fiddled around with garbage and PaperClay and made this White Rabbit from Lewis Carrol's original illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland, for my good and talented Wonderland collector and cohort Jen T.

Looking forward to my first ever official ATC postcard swap organized by the folks at The Art Colony; will post my theme of the month cards here: steampunk, & etagami (art of messy) before I send off...also looking forward to trying demos of using torch on shellac and wood glue for cool effects to mix with encaustic paintings...will post my findings here. January already feels more bearable!