The Wall

The Wall
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random fall photos.....Autumn fields and little moments

Here's a few photos I have taken on my runs through a field near my home...I love the foggy mornings where I feel hidden from the world, and it is just me the cornfields, and the sky. I also love the new apps that allow me to play with these pics making them less ordinary a bit grittier. My current photo app faves are PicsArt and Cymera....


Dandelion in the fog.....such a perfect little geometric but perfect somehow.
 Swirling with ideas, hope, gratitude and excitation for a New Year...
I run this path almost every day, and every day it looks a little different. I have begun to take pictures of it in different light to use as a paint study. The fog really diffuses the light beautifully, and I have taken advantage of the light to create a soft, dreamy effect. The flat, simple lines kind of symbolize a solitary, peaceful freedom.



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