The Wall

The Wall
Current project: BBC School Library Mural

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Random fall photos.....Autumn fields and little moments

Here's a few photos I have taken on my runs through a field near my home...I love the foggy mornings where I feel hidden from the world, and it is just me the cornfields, and the sky. I also love the new apps that allow me to play with these pics making them less ordinary a bit grittier. My current photo app faves are PicsArt and Cymera....


Dandelion in the fog.....such a perfect little geometric but perfect somehow.
 Swirling with ideas, hope, gratitude and excitation for a New Year...
I run this path almost every day, and every day it looks a little different. I have begun to take pictures of it in different light to use as a paint study. The fog really diffuses the light beautifully, and I have taken advantage of the light to create a soft, dreamy effect. The flat, simple lines kind of symbolize a solitary, peaceful freedom.



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Children's Justice Center Auction...a small victory for a big problem

I was thrilled to have all three mixed media encaustic pieces accepted in to my most recent foray into the world of competitions, auctions and community fundraising: Windermere 2013 Art Gala which took place in October, 2013.

There were many lovely pieces there when I hurriedly dropped my stuff off after my family spent all afternoon at a pumpkin patch, and frankly, I thought well that's it....

I thought wrong!


...That's right! FIRST PLACE!!!!! ( I got pretty excited about this after months of working and frustration over my glacial expedition through my art career.) No more feeling sorry for myself, this truly was a blessing, and I fully to intend to use that Dick Blick Gift Card, hooray!!!

I was happily informed that I took first place for "Inner Workings of Desire," the piece featured with the female image, gears, and crackled sides. Big thanks to Gallery 360 for passing this opportunity down to me, and thanks to Windermere for organizing such a great event to raise awareness and funding for The Children's Justice Center......

The others were also Paris themed, but I really think the first was the best.....

I guess they thought so too. :)

Close up/ details of Inner Workings:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing on the Wall, Progress and Paint!

Painting on mural for Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary as of 10-2-2013...coming right along! Thank you to all of those staff, faculty, students and helpers who have been so supportive and provided the energy for this public project.