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The Wall
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Juvenescence

'Upcycled' Show First Friday June Gallery 360 was an impressive feat of creative reuse, with great work by many members and guests.

Window display for June 2012 inspired in part by Andy Warhol's The Factory, which was wallpapered with tin foil and silvery gleanings by Billy Name.

 Entry way for 'Upcycled' show in Long Hall...

 LP's painted and suspended from ceiling, local artist from Portland...

'Wish' collage using recycled tyvek paper, Citrasolv method papers, recycled plastic frame...

'Wheel of Ghosts'..though difficult to photograph, this is a mobile made from a painted bicycle wheel, with a ton of tiny vintage images and objects hanging from it...

'Swimming Upstream' adventure with a BUNCH of cans, on which I painted a two-sided mural. Seems simple right? WRONG! This took two months and is nearly impossible to restack correctly unless you have a coding system. Complicated, but fun. :)

  Reverse of 'Swimming Upstream', the bonsai tree with city in background is actually my favorite side..

 Various sculptures from gallery show, various artists...

Window display...books suspended by wire...

Great painting by Jamie Lutz, Gallery 360 's illustrious el presidente.

Also in June news: amazing artist to watch:

Jennifer Thorenson and her cooperative business venture, Clever Girl Studios.

Her fabulous fantastical sculptures, art and various wares can be found in the following local

Vancouver, WA area venues/web locations;

Coming soon for June; a few new goodies for my own shop, Myriad Studios,

 possible show at the English Estate Winery June 14th and 15th, and new work for fall show at the Brickhouse Bar and Grill. stay tuned!!