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The Wall
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Solo Brickhouse Show!!!

October is here...windy days, creative nights, creepy and strange meets romantic and dreamy....The Brickhouse Bar and grill is graciuosly hosting tonight's First friday art walk After Party, hosted and organized by Art Extraordinaire Drew of Drew-Jones Studio Art, here's a peek of the work that got hung on Oct 1, more pics to come of tonight's show!!!

Promo cards for the show...great thanks to DrewJones Art!!

 Embryo II...acrylic
 Reminders of Magick..acrylic,airbrush
 Witness..'the Moon'
 Article in Friday October 5 2012 The Columbian...yay!!!!
 Embryo I..acrylic
 'Keeper of Secrets'...encaustic wax on panel
 'Memory Garden'..encaustic wax on panel
 'City in Her Head' acrylic, mixed media, airbrush
 'Bondage' mixed media on board
 '5ive' mixed media on board
 'Vagabond I' encaustic
 'Shift' encaustic
 'Horripilante' acrylic on wood
'Vagabond II' encaustic wax
A HUGE THANKS to: Angela and Steve at The Brickhouse, DrewJones Art, and everyone who came out for an evening of fun and art October 5th!!!

'Horripilante', 'Witness' & '5ive' (Jimi Hendrix not mine :)

'Witness', '5ive' and 'Keeper of Secrets', and
my friend's husband, Matt T!

 An art reception with all my friends and family? Who me???? Why I declare!! ;)

Rocking' the snood with rose, so fun! Could NOT have done it without
my sister, Annie, also a great artist!! :)

About to sing opera? Whatta ham...

Me attempting to act normal with my biggest piece in show and first one to sell, 'Horrorpilante'

My beautiful sistet Annie and I, looking a bit frightened lol

Who knew art could be so glamorous??!! Tata now dearie!!!

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  1. You rocked it hard, chica! Congrats on a fabulous evening and on the sales!!